14Days Northern Xinjiang Tour

Tour Code: SR-08
Tour Type: Private Tour
Best Travel Time: May-Oct
Price from: 0
Day Destination Highlights
1 Arrive Urumqi
2 Urumqi Burqin (700kms, 9-10hrs driving) 乌鲁木齐-布尔津
3 Burqin Kanas(180km,4hours driving) 布尔津-喀纳斯
4 Kanas Hemu (70kms, 2hour driving) 喀那斯-禾木村
5 Hemu Karamy (490kms, 7-8hrs driving) 禾木村-克拉玛依
6 Karamay Yining (583kms, 7hrs driving) 克拉玛依-伊宁
7 Yining Zhaosu (180kms, 4hrs driving) 伊宁 -昭苏县
8 Zhaosu Tekes (63kms, 1.5hrs driving) 昭苏县-特克斯
9 Tekes Naraty (261kms, 6hrs driving) 特克斯-那拉提
10 Naraty Bayinbuluk (167kms, 3-4hrs driving)
11 Bayinbuluk Heshuo (320kms, 5hrs driving)
12 Heshuo Urumqi和硕-乌鲁木齐
13 Urumqi -Depart
Day1 Arrive Urumqi
Today, you will take your flight to Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang. Upon arrival, we will meet you at the airport, bring you to downtown Urumqi to check in your hotel. Have a good rest.
Meals: No meals
Accommodation: Urumqi

Day2 Urumqi Burqin (700kms, 9-10hrs driving) 乌鲁木齐-布尔津
Morning we will pick you up from your hotel and then bus transfer to Burqin, passing by Huoshaoshan where you will witness a sea of red, caused by burnt rocks that look as if they are still burning along the hills. After seeing the Huoshaoshan, you will travel along the Gurbantunggut desert,the second largest desert in China, and see the Kalamaili Nature Reserve which is the paradise for the wild animals. If you are lucky, you will see the wild donkeys, wild goats running in the Gobi. if parking is allowed, you can take some nice photos in these places. then continue to travel to Burqin, enjoy the sunset of Five-Colored Beach, It is actually referring to the banks of a river that has desert, oasis and forest on its south side while sand/rock mounds in all shapes formed by years of wind erosion, line the north bank. The mounds have very irregular profiles and although they are mainly red, bands of red, white, black and yellow are also found in them. 【卡拉麦里自然保护区】(含门票)是新疆有蹄类野生动物主要活动区域。20世纪80年代设立保护区以来,蒙古野驴、鹅喉羚等野生动物明显增多,普氏野马自2001年首次放野以来逐渐适应野外生活,成为卡拉麦里自然保护区的一道美丽的风景。在花大气力固沙保护环境的同时,一些高能耗、高污染的企业,将未经处理的工业垃圾和生活垃圾,直接堆砌在荒漠里,大片宝贵的植被被破坏,带来生态危机。游览【五彩滩】(含门票)是国内罕见的集海蚀崖、海蚀平台、海蚀洞于一体的地质景观带。景区内长达1.5公里的海岸几乎都发育着20-50米高的海蚀崖,崖面耸立,蔚为壮观。退潮时的五彩滩,可以见到一层又一层的海蚀沟,在阳光的照耀下,十分漂亮。
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
Accommodation: Burqin

Day3 Burqin Kanas(180km,4hours driving) 布尔津-喀纳斯
Your guide and driver will pick you up in the morning, and then drive along the mountain road to Kanas Nature Reserve, China's only European-like ecological site that has been awarded the title of the "Pure Land of the World" due to its unspoiled natural scenery. En-route, visit Kanas Lake(Moon bay, Dragon Bay and Immortal Bay). later afternoon back to Jiadengyu district to check into the hotel. dinner and rest. 早餐后乘车至喀那斯,“喀纳斯”是蒙古语,意为“美丽而神秘的湖”。游览【喀那斯国家级自然保护区】(含门票+区间车)是哈萨克斯坦、俄罗斯、蒙古和中国四国接壤的黄金地带,位于新疆维吾尔自治区布尔津县境内,面积25万公顷,1980年经新疆自治区人民政府批准建立,1986年晋升为国家级,主要保护对象为寒温带针阔叶混交林生态系和自然景观。2001年喀纳斯被评为国家AAAA级旅游景区、全国文明风景旅游区示范点,2003年又被命名为国家地质公园、国家森林公园、中国第八大摄影家创作基地、新疆十佳风景区之首、自治区级风景名胜区,2004年7月苏州举行的世界遗产地影展中被录入《世界遗产地名录》。2005年入选“中国最美的五大湖泊之一”、“中国最美的六个古镇古村之一”和“中国西部十佳景区”。2006年4月喀纳斯荣获“中国最值得外国人去的50个地方”金奖。2006年7月5日喀纳斯景区入选首批《中国国家自然遗产、国家自然与文化双遗产预备名录》。后游览【喀那斯湖】国家AAAAA级旅游景区、国家地质公园、国家森林公园、中国自然保护区、国家自然遗产、全国低碳旅游实验区、中国最美湖泊,喀纳斯湖雪峰耸峙绿坡墨林,湖光山色美不胜收,被誉为“人间仙境、神的花园”。喀纳斯湖位于新疆维吾尔自治区阿勒泰地区布尔津县北部,湖水来自奎屯、友谊峰等山的冰川融水和当地降水,湖面海拔1374米,面积45.73㎞²,湖泊最深处高程1181.5米,湖深188.5米,蓄水量达53.8亿立方米,是中国最深的冰碛堰塞湖,是一个坐落在阿尔泰深山密林中的高山湖泊、内陆淡水湖。
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
Accommodation: Kanas

Day4 Kanas Hemu (70kms, 2hour driving) 喀那斯-禾木村
In the morning, enjoy your simple buffet breakfast and the sunrise of Kanas. then we will travel to Hemu Village, which is the one of the famous Tuvas village. Arrive at the entrance of Hemu, we still have to change the shuttle bus to the village. Here we would like to suggest you leave your big luggage in our coach and take your must stuff.tranquil village, herds of cattle and sheep, warm and hospitable locals, What a beautiful and mysterious place! 早餐后乘车至【禾木村】(含门票+区间车),是新疆维吾尔自治区布尔津县下辖的一座村庄。位于新疆布尔津县喀纳斯湖畔,是图瓦人的集中生活居住地。是仅存的3个图瓦人村落(禾木村、喀纳斯村和白哈巴村)中最远和最大的村庄。禾木村的房子全是原木搭成的,充满了原始的味道。最出名的是万山红遍的醉人秋色,炊烟在秋色中冉冉升起,形成一条梦幻般的烟雾带,胜似仙境。在禾木村子周围的小山坡上可以俯视禾木村以及禾木河的全景:空谷幽灵、小桥流水、牧马人在从林间扬尘而过。图瓦人的集中生活居住地,是仅存的3个图瓦人村落(禾木村、喀纳斯村和白哈巴村)中最远和最大的村庄,总面积3040平方公里。这里的房子全是原木搭成的,充满了原始的味道。禾木村最出名的就是万山红遍的醉人秋色,炊烟在秋色中冉冉升起,形成一条梦幻般的烟雾带,胜似仙境。在禾木村子周围的小山坡上可以俯视禾木村以及禾木河的全景:空谷幽灵、小桥流水、牧马人在从林间扬尘而过……在新疆美丽的哈纳斯湖旁,有一个小巧的山村——禾木村,它素有“中国第一村”的美称。
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
Accommodation: Hemu

Day5 Hemu Karamy (490kms, 7-8hrs driving) 禾木村-克拉玛依
Enjoy the sunrise and after breakfast, travel along the Gurbantunggut Desert to the Urho Ghost City, also known as Wuerhe Wind City", a unique wind-eroded geological area commonly referred to as "wind city" because of the frequent howling winds. 早餐后乘车至克拉玛依,途中游览【魔鬼城】(含门票+小火车)位于新疆维吾尔自治区准噶尔盆地西北边缘的佳木河下游乌尔禾矿区,西南距克拉玛依市100公里。有一处独特的风蚀地貌,形状怪异、当地人蒙古人将此城称为“苏鲁木哈克”。维吾尔人称为“沙依坦克尔西”,意为魔鬼城,其实,这里是典型的雅丹地貌区域,“雅丹”是维吾尔语“陡壁的小丘”之意,雅丹地貌以新疆塔里木盆地罗布泊附近的雅丹地区最为典型而得名,是在干旱、大风环境下形成的一种风蚀地貌类型。
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
Accommodation: Karamy

Day6 Karamay Yining (583kms, 7hrs driving) 克拉玛依-伊宁
After breakfast, we will meet you at the hotel lobby and bring you to Sayram Lake, the another highlight of your northern Xinjiang tour, which is known as the last drop of tears of the Atlantic. Sayram Lake is a fairyland with wonderful natural scenery. its water is very clear and pure. you can stroll on the shore, enjoy the blooming wildflowers and the beautiful grassland around the lake. Thereafter you will see the famous Guozigou Bridge, the largest and most important bridge in Xinjiang. There are many beautiful S bends and you can enjoy the scenery of Guozigou valley which is the most beautiful valley in southern Xinjiang en route. Then bus transfer to Yining, on the way, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lavender and take some nice photos. After the visit, transfer you to the hotel, have a good rest. 早餐后乘车伊宁游览【赛里木湖】(含门票+区间车)省级旅游名胜景区,第五批国家级风景名胜区,是新疆海拔最高、面积最大、风光秀丽的高山湖泊,又是大西洋暖湿气流最后眷顾的地方,因此有“大西洋最后一滴眼泪”的说法。赛里木湖古称“净海”,位于新疆博尔塔拉州博乐市境内北天山山脉中,紧邻伊犁州霍城县,湖面海拔2071米,东西长30公里,南北宽25公里,面积453平方公里,蓄水量达210亿立方米,湖水清澈透底,透明度达12米。【果子沟】是伊犁地区的天然门户,是一条北上赛里木湖,南下伊犁河谷的著名峡谷孔道,在古代,这里是我国通往中亚和欧洲的丝路北新道咽喉,被称为“铁关”,同时也因为它宜人的风景被誉为“伊犁第一景”、“奇绝仙境”,古人赋诗赞其“山水之奇,媲于桂林,崖石之怪,胜于雁岩”。 果子沟全长28公里,地势险要,成吉思汗西征时,始凿山通道,曾架桥48座,可见路之险峻。清乾隆时改建为42座,现在仍是乌伊公路干线的重要路段
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
Accommodation: Yining

Day7 Yining Zhaosu (180kms, 4hrs driving) 伊宁 -昭苏县
Breakfast at the hotel, then we will drive to Zhaosu, a county situated within the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and is under the administration of the Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture. It contains an area of 10,455 km². on the way, you can enjoy the scenery of Zhaosu Cole Flower, and the Xiata Grassland. 【夏塔】(含门票+区间车)是蒙古语 “阶梯” 之意。昭苏县城夏塔是一个富有传奇色彩的胜地,这里濒临高峰林立的天山主脉。夏塔古道是著名的徒步探险路线,是新疆著名旅游景点之一
Meals: Lunch,Dinner
Accommodation: Zhaosu

Day8 Zhaosu Tekes (63kms, 1.5hrs driving) 昭苏县-特克斯
This morning, you will start your journey from the ingenious Kalajun Prairie, which is as beautiful as in a poem or a picture. There are springs densely distributed here. Every year, from May to September. The ideal place for people of the pasture to exchange materials and hold cultural activities. Kalajun, in Kazak, means "a dark wilderness". For generations, people on the grassland have lived a simple nomadic life. The traditional lifestyle exudes a unique charm. You can take the photos there and then overnight in Tekes. 【喀拉峻草原】(含门票+区间车)位于新疆伊犁河谷的特克斯县境内,是西天山向伊犁河谷的过渡地带,这里降水丰富,气候凉爽,土质肥厚,十分适宜牧草的生长,生长有上百种优质牧草,并于2013年被正式列入联合国教科文组织世界遗产名录。“喀拉峻”是哈萨克语,“喀拉”有深色、浓郁和辽阔的意思,“峻”形容茂密的样子,从字面上理解,“喀拉峻大草原”可译为苍苍莽莽的草原。
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
Accommodation: Tekes

Day9 Tekes Naraty (261kms, 6hrs driving) 特克斯-那拉提
Today, your guide and driver will pick you up in the morning. We’ll head to the famous pasture Narat Grassland, one of four famous grassland in the world. you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and explore the Kazakh way of life. Afterwards, we will drive about 3 hours to Bayinbuluk and check in your hotel. Have a good rest. 【那拉提草原】(含门票)又名巩乃斯草原,突厥语意为“白阳坡”,在新源那拉提镇东部,距伊犁新源县城约110.0公里,位于那拉提山北坡,是发育在第三纪古洪积层上的中山地草原。那拉提草原是世界四大草原之一的亚高山草甸植物区,自古以来就是著名的牧场。优美的草原风光与当地哈萨克民俗风情结合在一起,成为新疆著名的旅游观光度假区。是新疆十大风景区之一、自治区旅游风景名胜区,是新疆的重要景区和品牌,也是伊犁河谷在全国的著名品牌。
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
Accommodation: Naraty

Day10 Naraty Bayinbuluk (167kms, 3-4hrs driving)
This morning we will leave from the hotel and transfer to visit the Bayinbuluk(含门票+区间车), enjoy the second largest grassland in China, it is also one of the most important Animal husbandry base in Xinjiang. after that, you can visit the Swan Lake it is the largest swan nature reserve and the only one in China. 游览【天鹅湖】(含门票)是亚洲最大、我国唯一的天鹅自然保护区,栖息着我国最大的野生天鹅种群。位于新疆和静县巴音布鲁克草原境内,平均海拔2400米,总面积约1100平方公里,由无数条曲曲弯弯的大小湖组成。巴音布鲁克草原是仅次于鄂尔多斯的我国第二大草原,面积2.4万平方公里,海拔2,300—2,800米。该地区的居民主要是蒙古族,约占该地区人口的78%。当地蒙古族牧民对天鹅倍加保护,与天鹅恬然相处。每逢春季,冰雪解冻,春暖花开之时旅居在印度、缅甸、巴基斯坦,甚至远到黑海、红海和地中海沿岸诸国的大天鹅、小天鹅、疣鼻天鹅为主的上万多只珍禽,不远万里,成群结队地飞到巴音布鲁克栖息繁衍。当冬季来临,他们又携带家眷,飞越喜马拉雅山南离去
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
Accommodation: Bayinbuluk

Day11 Bayinbuluk Heshuo (320kms, 5hrs driving)
After breakfast, we will drive in the deep of Tianshan Mountain, enjoy the beautiful scenery and head to Heshuo. Upon your arrival, we will transfer to the hotel and have a good rest.乘车返回和硕
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
Accommodation: Heshuo

Day12 Heshuo Urumqi和硕-乌鲁木齐
Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel and then we will drive to Urumqi, Arrive in Urumqi, you will have a chance to visit the Xinjiang International Bazaar, the largest bazaar in Urumqi. You'll find a bustling market filled with fruit, clothing, crafts, knives, carpets and almost anything that you can imagine.
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
Accommodation: Urumqi

Day13 Urumqi -Depart
Check Out, see you off
Meals: Breakfast,

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